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We hope that you have had a profitable year. The last 20 years in the registered angus business has provided some of the most rewarding experiences of my life. We have seen our program and our cowherd improve with each year, and we hope that our successes have also helped with our customer’s successes.

Finally, the pendulum is swinging back. After several years of single trait carcass breeding that wasn’t always complimentary with fertility, many advertisements are once again boasting about strong cow herds, yet the pedigrees don’t always show it! Rest assured that we never did go down that single trait road. Really Windy and Travel Power, both pathfinder bulls, are in the top 10% in scrotal and fertility. Along with HARB Outcross 1000, they have set the standard for my herd as “cow producers.” It is always good to know there is a solid base on the bottom side of the pedigree.







The bloodlines Godley Angus has followed for the past 20 years has not varied much. Consistancy in calving ease and maternal is what we strive for. Basically, the blood lines have stayed within the Traveler, Windy Ridge Commodore, and Quantum sire groups, and lately we have introduced Alberda Right Time. This also includes using sons and grandsons within these groups. We feel this provides consistancy in our bull offering as well as consistancy for our customers calf
crop and replacement females.


In the past years we have focused on developing a solid calving ease and maternal base in the cow herd . In switching to two year old bulls, we decided to feed and condition our bulls in the same manner that the western cattleman would run the bulls on his ranch. The first year, as yearlings, the bulls are wintered on hay, mineral, and protein tubs. They are then summered on pasture grass, and then as two year olds, again wintered only on hay, mineral, and protein tubs. They have never been fed grain in their life. What you see is what you get, without a bunch of fat covering up potential defects. Also because of this program, their size and weight is a little smaller than in the past, but the genetic base remains the same, and with this test is perhaps even stronger. The bulls can be taken home and turned out on hay with the rest of your bull battery, and they won’t have to be “put on a diet” for the upcoming breeding season. They have already had a test in the “real world.” The bulls were fitted by Jim Scheirmeister and Alecia Cushman, and were semen tested and scrotal measured by Dr. Dwayne Christensen.

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